The Greatest Journey

After receiving shoebox gifts, many children are invited by the local church to participate in our discipleship program, The Greatest Journey, a 12-lesson course that includes Bible stories and Scripture memorization.
The goal of the program is for children to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ in their daily lives as they share Him with family and friends. And it all starts by training local teachers who love kids and are passionate
about making disciples. More than 40.5 million children have enrolled in The Greatest Journey since 2009.

The Greatest Journey Teacher Guide

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The Greatest Journey Student Workbook

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A Graduation Celebration

AAfter completing The Greatest Journey, children attend a graduation celebration and receive a certificate.

Most importantly, they are given a Bible that includes the New Testament and selected Old Testament stories along with a dictionary of Biblical terms and a map of Bible lands. Complete with illustrations, it is often the first copy
of God’s Word the child, or their family, will own.

Family and friends who attend the ceremony hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After seeing the transformation in the students, their loved ones’ hearts are open to hearing the Good News for themselves. Praise God, many of them come to
faith in Christ.

A New Testament in the student’s language

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Graduation Certificate


Believers Multiply

Since 2009, more than 20.3 million children have reported decisions for Christ while taking The Greatest Journey. These children as well as those who hear the Gospel at shoebox outreach events share their faith with friends
and family—who in turn disciple others.

Discipleship Leads to Multiplication

In Colombia, a boy who came to Christ through The Greatest Journey began praying for his parents who were struggling with drug dependency. As a result, his mother and father accepted the Lord, started attending a Bible study begun
by our ministry partners, and became leaders in a drug rehabilitation center. A new church was also started as an outgrowth of this ministry. “One of our original prayers was that The Greatest Journey experience would bring whole
families together,” said a local prayer coordinator. “And God answered!”


From the shoebox packers who pray for the boys and girls who will receive their gifts to the local teachers who pray for the children who attend The Greatest Journey discipleship classes, prayer is key to the work of Operation
Christmas Child.

It Starts with You!


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