Water filter provides safe water for families

These concrete filters use layers of sand and gravel to remove harmful microorganisms and pollutants from water gathered in streams, lakes, or ponds. Users take the murky liquid and transform it into clean drinking water.

Ugandan widow an “early adopter” of BioSand Water Filter technology

When Samaritan’s Purse arrived in her village in Uganda, offering concrete boxes filled with sand and gravel that could end everyone’s periodic bouts of painful and energy-draining diarrhea, Florence Akullo quickly welcomed the BioSand Water...

Life and health improves for El Salvador students after Samaritan’s Purse installs filter and provides health and hygiene training

Samaritan Filters use the same sand filtration technology of BioSand Water Filters, which we are building and installing throughout El Salvador (almost 10,000 in the last 18 years) thanks to the financial support of Canadians like you.

God using Samaritan’s Purse water filters to bring young Cambodians to faith in Christ

When we install these filters, we also provide health and hygiene training to ensure students and staff receive the maximum health benefits from finally having access to clean water.

BioSand Filter recipients “pay it forward” by helping to build filters for other struggling El Salvador families

“If Canadians visited me, I would welcome them with open arms,” filter recipient says. “I encourage them to continue supporting this ministry because there are other communities that need safe water.”