Samaritan’s Purse responding to Rohingya refugee crisis

The displaced Rohingya people in Bangladesh are in desperate need.

Almost one million impoverished Rohingya people have fled violence in Myanmar and are now living in temporary huts, tents, and under tarps in refugee camps in Bangladesh. More than half of those who have arrived are children, the United Nations says.

Rohingya Relief

Samaritan’s Purse is working with local partners to distribute items blankets, tarps, hygiene kits and other desperately needed emergency items.

Samaritan’s Purse Canada has deployed medical personnel to Bangladesh to serve refugees and will work with local partners to distribute blankets, tarps, hygiene kits, and other desperately needed emergency items. We are also determining how our extensive experience providing safe water in emergencies can assist Rohingya families.

“Homes were burned, people were brutalized, and those that survived fled with little but the clothes on their backs and maybe a few household items,” said Samaritan’s Purse Canada employee David Bock from a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

“The speed of this displacement has been almost unparalleled. These are very vulnerable people who need our help. But mostly importantly, our desire is to share the love of Christ, because what they need most is hope.”

One distraught father (pictured left) told Bock that he and his wife and their children had to abandon their family farm with no warning. To stay would be to die—by bullets, stabbings, or beheadings—as many other Rohingya have experienced.

Although the man was grateful for safety in the refugee camp, he was desperate for some hope. Thankfully, Bock and our local church partners were able to pray with him and provide emotional support as the young father shared his heartbreak and his fears.

“Some of the most powerful moments I’ve experienced here (in Bangladesh) are praying in the name of Jesus with people, and they have been so open and receptive to praying,” Bock says. “There is a belief that this is not a problem or a situation that can be resolved without prayer. The Rohingya people we have prayed with have been very grateful for our prayers.”

Through the World Medical Mission arm of Samaritan’s Purse, we are sending medical staff on short-term assignments to treat critically wounded and sick Rohingya refugees at a local Christian hospital. We’re also sending medical equipment and supplies.

Learn more about World Medical Mission, including how to apply for deployment.

“Many people here are hungry,” says Bock. “Many people still need access to safe water. And everyone needs hope.”

Please join us offering the suffering Rohingya people tangible relief, and the hope for today, tomorrow, and eternity that can be found only through Jesus Christ. Donate today.

Please also pray for the Rohingya people. Pray for their protection, for resolution of the conflict, and for wisdom and guidance for our staff and partners as we serve together in Jesus’ name.