Kajiado Community Water Project

Safe water saves lives

In the isolated community of Lemisigio, Kajiado, Kenya, safe water is scarce. The people living in this area, mainly cattle farmers, struggle every day to obtain any water, let alone water that is safe to drink. The closest water source is 11 kilometers away. A one-way trip takes up to three hours of walking. Often when the farmers and their families arrive, the pump is broken due to heavy use by so many villagers in the surrounding area.

Your partnership with Samaritan’s Purse will enable our team to drill water boreholes and install proper pumps that will provide safe water for the people of Lemisigio. Working through our local church partner there, we will carefully maintain the well and water pump, and provide valuable sanitation and hygiene training. We will also incorporate a Gospel-focused ministry and discipleship component to the project.

With your partnership, we can help to end this ongoing struggle for the people of Lemisigio, in Jesus’ Name.