Middle East Crisis

Samaritan’s Purse is helping families in this part of the world that are struggling with poverty, conflict, or illness. Many are being persecuted for their faith in Christ.

We are caring for critically injured children and adults at our Emergency Field Hospital in Iraq where we treat patients injured by gunfire, land mines, mortar rounds, car bombings, and improvised explosives as the conflict between coalition/Iraqi Security Forces and ISIS terrorists continues in western Mosul.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have sought refuge in the Kurdistan region, where we have a field office and where churches in the Kurdish capital of Erbil are partnering with us in welcoming and caring for refugees. We’ve set up hundreds of tents for displaced families and have provided more than 15,000 households with food. We’ve also distributed mattresses, cribs, baby clothes, shoes, pillows, and Bibles, not only in Iraq but other states in the region.

We also provide spiritual support, children’s programs, health care, and training to help people earn an income as we assist people displaced by ISIS providing relief in Jesus’ Name. 

Your financial support and prayers are urgently needed for us to continue ministering in Jesus’ Name to suffering families in the Middle East.

Northern Iraq
Middle East CrisisYour gift toward our projects in the Middle East will extend a loving, helping hand to those living in the midst of strife.

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