5 Ways to Change a Life for Under $25

November 19, 2019

Here are some gifts you can give through our 2019 Gift Catalog. And the kids can help, too!

Sometimes simple gifts have the biggest impact. It doesn’t take much to abundantly bless someone else in need. Through the following gift ideas—all under $25—these are gifts even your kids can help give to make a difference that will last long after your Christmas wrapping paper is thrown away.

1. Blankets

This time of year, the temperature is dropping for many of us. It’s a good time to cozy up with a warm blanket. But many people around the world don’t have even this small comfort. Imagine how hard it is to sleep with no covering following a disaster that has destroyed your home. You can supply a blanket or other bedding to a child or a family for just $10.

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2. Bible

Many in the English-speaking western world have access to several copies of Bibles and other Christian literature. But in many cultures and languages, the Bible and study materials are not readily available for people hungry for the truth of God’s Word. For $10, we can provide communities with the Word of God in their local language.

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3. Solar Light

Provide the comfort of a light at night to a family recovering from a disaster. You can supply a solar light to a child or a family for just $20.

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4. Chickens

Give a chicken and provide ongoing food and income for a family. For $20 you can help a family raise chickens for nutritious eggs and meat.

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5. Safe Water

Give safe water to a child who gets sick from drinking dirty water. $25 brings safe water to one child.

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