The Water Crisis

Millions of people in the developing world have no choice but to drink, cook, and clean with contaminated water. The impact on their health is devastating. Someone-often a child-is dying every 37.5 seconds from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation and hygiene. That means 842,000 deaths each year.

Samaritan's Purse uses donations from you, our generous donors, to tackle this issue through water projects in 30 countries. Those projects have already provided safe water to more than 1.46 million people. There is still so much more to do, however, and we need your help to provide many more people with life-saving safe water.

We also teach families how to store water safely, construct latrines, and practice good hand washing. These lessons work together with the filters, wells, storage tanks, and reservoirs we help provide to transform villages in Cambodia, Nicaragua, Kenya, the Philippines, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. None of this would be possible without sacrificial giving by Canadians from coast to coast.


Millions of people around the world are drinking the only water available to them. Contaminated, disease-ridden water.


We want to change this.
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Millions of people die each year from drinking contaminated water that contains potentially deadly bacteria, parasites, and viruses. But you can help turn on the tap to safe water. Your generous donation can help provide solutions for families, schools, and communities by giving them the gift of safe water.

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