Fundraising Ideas and Inspiration

You want to change the world? We can help! From running a marathon to hosting a bake sale, your efforts can glorify God. Start by creating a fundraising campaign, following the simple steps below. Together, we can help people in some of the most desperate and remote places on earth in the name of Jesus Christ. <

Walk For Water

Walk for water

Parents and children can put on their running shoes to help raise money for water projects.

Donate Your Birthday

Donate your birthday

Instead of receiving presents, donate your birthday to a good cause!

Take On A Challenge

Take on a challenge

Walk, run, cycle, swim, do a triathlon or decathlon - get others involved or go alone.

Water Challenge

The water challenge

Why not take up Samaritan's Purse water challenge—to replace the beverage of your choice with water for 30 days.

A Coffee Morning

A coffee morning and a book or cake sale

People love the opportunity to get together over coffee to chat or read. Give them a chance to do both and raise money for a great cause.

Save Your Loose Coin

Save your loose coins

Turn your home, your school, or your workplace into a fundraising zone for a month!

Car Wash

A sponsored car wash

Share our water videos with your youth group, sports team, or other community group and invite them to fundraise.

Fundraise At Work

Fundraise at work

Do a fancy dress day, wear a wig, or a host of other activities to encourage your work colleagues to participate.

Do It Yourself

Do it yourself

You decide what fundraising activity you want to organize. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.


Water 250X250

More great fundraising ideas

Raise money for safe water!


Water Teams Mission Trips

Contaminated water and poor sanitation: not only are they major causes of the developing world’s massive health problems, but they are killing someone-often a child-every 37.5 seconds. That means 842,000 deaths each year. You can help us answer their cries for help.

Samaritan’s Purse has built and installed almost 30 Samaritan Filters so far-with volunteer teams from Canada playing a key role-and has plans for building many more, with support from Canadian donors.

Samaritan’s Purse invites you to join us on a short-term team to help bring safe water to school children. Click here for more information and to sign up.

"I walk very far for water. My children are surviving under God’s mercy. Sometimes they have malaria and diarrhea. The water does not taste nice, but since we don’t have a choice we take it like that."
—Cecelia, mother of five children

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