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Community film night in Haiti

Benita Telciné is a nurse who works with Samaritan’s Purse as a trainer in the maternal and child health program

January, 2015—Recently, I asked the Samaritan’s Purse Haiti ministry department to project a movie about the resurrection and the passion of Jesus Christ in the Gadyon community in Petit Goâve. I had a club with 300 children, and most of their parents didn’t believe in Christ. I wanted to show these parents how He suffered for us.

One of the key scenes is the story of Zacchaeus, which prompted a discussion on how we accept salvation. After we had finished the movie, five people accepted Jesus as their savior. People were happy and touched by how the spirit of God invaded the area. We could see a change in the people’s lives, so we decided to organize another showing for children and their parents.

As a result of that program, five children came to Christ. We continue to see a great work in this community. Altogether, 10 people came to believe and give their lives to Jesus. I feel happy and joyful in my heart, and I bless the name of the God for that.

Tools for Evangelism - 013015 Discipleship, Education & Training

Dedicated believers are taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to isolated regions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. With a portable video unit-including loudspeakers, video projector, DVD player, and Christian films-a simple schoolroom, or open area in a remote village can be turned into a theatre where hundreds can witness the saving grace of Jesus.