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A Smile Like the El Salvador Sun

When Ana looks around her home, she sees blessings that weren’t there before. Simple improvements have significantly transformed her household thanks to people she’s never met.

First of all, a bright blue BioSand Water Filter sits in a corner of her home. It swallows up the filthy water that used to make her children sick. Mere minutes later, water that is safe for drinking, cooking, and handwashing flows out abundantly.

Outside, her yard has offered up more opportunities to keep her family healthy. Simple solutions, that she learned about at Samaritan’s Purse training sessions regarding water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) have made the space safer.

“One of the biggest problems in our communities in El Salvador is that they keep chickens loose,” explained our local partner. This can pose a health and sanitation risk, especially when children are playing in the same space. “Ana, upon hearing the benefits of enclosing the chickens inside a coop, decided to build one to keep their house cleaner.”

Next to Ana’s latrine is now a ‘tippy-tap.’ Easily constructed with a few sticks, a pop bottle or two, and some string, the unit is a simple way for her family to wash hands when needed.

“The children wash their hands more, and the best thing is that the water we use is filtered,” said Ana. “We no longer use contaminated water, and we use a lot of soap.”

“It is incredible how the health and hygiene classes have helped this family to greatly improve their hygiene habits,” our partner added. “It all started with the good news that they would receive a filter to drink clean water, and now they can also enjoy a better quality of life.”

Monica is the eldest of Ana’s three children. At 16, she’s old enough to remember when life was clouded by fear of falling ill because of waterborne diseases.

Filters Save Lives

“We no longer get sick,” her mother rejoiced. “Thank you very much for this filter. We no longer spend money on buying water; we use [the money we save] for Monica’s studies.”

Today, Monica smiles widely under the bright El Salvador sun as she rinses soapy hands under the tippy-tap. She is smiling thanks to someone like you. Safe water and hygiene know-how and resources simply aren’t at the fingertips of millions of people around the world. But your prayerful generosity brings them within reach.

From Kenya to the Philippines to El Salvador, your gifts empower struggling families to experience the every day, life-giving blessings of safe water and simple hygiene.

Where Most Needed - 012000 Gift Catalog

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