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Strength for Refugee Moms

Two-year-old Aliyah* was struggling. She weighed less than an average six-month-old. Her precious life was slowly draining away from a lack of calcium, iron, and other nutrients.

Aliyah’s mother—a refugee from a Middle Eastern country—was distraught. The sprawling city of Cairo, Egypt, where she had fled, offered her shelter from conflict and poverty in her homeland, but little else.

There are millions like the two of them here. They come from Syria, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and other places where terrifying conflicts have forced families to flee. They arrive traumatized. They feel lost.

But when they walk through the door of our partner’s life-giving medical clinic, they discover “a spring of water in the wilderness (Genesis 16:7, ESV). That’s how Scripture describes the place where a distressed Hagar experienced God’s loving care. “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me,” she said after fleeing persecution (Genesis 16:13, ESV).

God Cares for All

At the clinic, refugees meet a team of caregivers—nurses, doctors, a psychologist, and others—who look after them in obedience to Christ’s call to welcome the stranger and share His Good News.

“We aim to show refugees their value, dignity, and worth as image-bearers of God who created them,” says our local partner. “We believe that God cares for all of a person—physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.”

The staff helped revive Aliyah. After three months of treatment and follow-up, she was walking, running, and tumbling like a true toddler. Meanwhile, her mom made great progress at counseling sessions and was equipped with practical tools to care for her daughter, including a healthy meal plan.

Aliyah and her mom are just two of thousands of women and children who will need to receive care at the clinic over the following months. Many are expectant mothers like Asah,* also from Syria. She was coming for prenatal care before contracting COVID-19. At six months pregnant, she was admitted to intensive care at a hospital and spent ten days on oxygen support.

After her recovery, Asah returned to our partner’s clinic for the rest of her prenatal checkups. Staff discovered that her amniotic fluid had decreased significantly, putting her baby at risk. The team journeyed alongside the pair, week by week, with medication. By the end of the pregnancy, Asah’s baby was growing well, and she had a safe delivery. Praise God!

Helping Refugee Families

God uses your prayers and support to help refugee families move from heartbreak to hope—families like Mary’s.* She was born in South Sudan, where large families and long lineages are celebrated. But she had no family. Mary’s parents abandoned her at a young age. Though she was adopted, she never experienced a sense of belonging.

Years later, and now a refugee, Mary walked through the door of our partner’s clinic with her son. The team immediately sprang into action. Though the medical center is like the trunk of this ministry in North Africa, patients can also access many branches of care. In Mary’s case, staff provided hot drinks and sandwiches while others rushed to the market to buy them warm winter clothing. They were given fruit, vegetables, and even a stovetop for cooking food. Mary was also assisted with finding work.

“I finally have the feeling of family,” she said. “I never have felt this feeling before.”

Mary heard the Gospel, too. Her spiritual wounds began healing as staff sensitively shared Jesus’ love with her. “Now she confidently knows that God loves her,” rejoiced our partner.

Through your prayerful gifts, women and children like Mary and her son will continue to receive physical healing and spiritual hope in Jesus’ Name. We thank God for your vital partnership in this mission.

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise” (Jeremiah 17:14, ESV).

*Name changed to protect privacy

Medical Care Projects - 080551 Health & Medical Ministries

Your donation to Medical Care Projects helps Samaritan’s Purse Canada meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable people around the world providing funds for life-saving medical equipment and surgical assistance, disease prevention initiatives and community health programs and training opportunities. We also offer spiritual support and eternal hope by meeting these critical needs while sharing the love of Christ.