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Hope for a Dad in the Face of Hunger

Tulio has been a farmer in Nicaragua all his life. Though he worked hard to provide for his wife and five children, he was falling far into debt. He needed loans to harvest his small crops but couldn’t make enough to pay them back.

As he started to sell pieces of his farm to survive, his family risked going hungry. “I was becoming depressed,” he said.

“I saw the answer of God in my life.”

When he heard about the Samaritan’s Purse agriculture project coming to his community, he rejoiced. “I saw the answer of God in my life,” Tulio said.

With tools, training, and support that donors like you provided, Tulio saw his first crop bring an
abundant harvest to meet his family’s needs. “We have already prepared the second harvest…I am
infinitely grateful to God,” he said.

Honor Dad with a Special Gift

This Father’s Day, one of the best ways to honor Dad is with a gift that lifts up another. Today, millions of fathers, like Tulio, face a terrifying struggle to feed their families. COVID-19 is causing hunger to increase rapidly. Many dads wonder where they will find tomorrow’s meal.

With simple gifts of livestock, tools, seeds, and agricultural training, you can renew a father’s hope, nourish his family, and share Jesus’ Good News.

Father’s Day Gifts You Can Give:

Where Most Needed - 012000 Gift Catalog

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