The Greatest Journey - 080622 The Greatest Journey

Operation Christmas Child: The Greatest Journey

Did you know that last year, over 229,000 children learned about Jesus Christ through the Bible study offered to children and their families after we distributed gift-filled shoeboxes in their communities?

This Bible study is called The Greatest Journey, and it is offered freely to children by local churches in the days following a shoebox distribution event, provided we have their parents’ or guardians’ approval, and permission from local authorities.

A donation of $6 provides one child with a copy of The Greatest Gift booklet, The Greatest Journey discipleship course, and a New Testament.

The impact from 2010 to 2018 from shoeboxes distributed worldwide:

  • Over 18.9 million children enrolled
  • More than 13.4 million children graduated
  • Over 8.9 million reported decisions for Christ

Through Operation Christmas Child and The Greatest Journey program, the Gospel is being proclaimed, tens of thousands are coming to Christ, new churches are being planted, and congregations are being encouraged and growing. Please pray for our team and our ministry partners as they continue to reach out and offer support to children, families, and communities in Jesus’ Name.

Every shoebox gift your church packs means one more child will have the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Greatest Journey - 080622 The Greatest Journey

The Greatest Journey is an exciting evangelism and discipleship program designed to teach children how to become faithful followers of Christ and to share their faith with others. We offer the program to children who have received Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Boys and girls who complete The Greatest Journey course receive graduation certificates and New Testaments in their own language. We’re able to provide all the study materials, a graduation certificate and New Testament for only $6 per child.