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Sharing farmers’ burdens

Nearly four million people in Nepal alone are desperately in need of nutritious, yet inexpensive food. Just ask Namita (name has been changed to protect privacy), who cares for 11 people at her home in a small, isolated village. Most people here mete out a lean existence growing corn, rice, wheat, and mustard to survive.

Namita’s family has no doubt experienced hunger like most of us in Canada never will. But out of our abundance, we can help change the lives of people like Namita around the world who lack the food they need.

The Bible tells us, “And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden…And out of the ground the Lord God made to spring up every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food” (Genesis 2:8-9a, ESV).

Together with your donations, we are helping hundreds of families in Nepal grow kitchen gardens that are “pleasant to the sight and good for food.”

Namita’s family is one of them. Through agricultural training offered by Samaritan’s Purse, she learned not only how to plant a vegetable garden, but also how to build effective animal pens and create natural fertilizer by composting. She received two goats too, whose first offspring  she planned  on selling for additional income.

With improved soil as a result of her training, Namita’s garden produced cucumbers that were four times larger than the ones she grew before. “I shared them with my family members and my neighbors, and they’ve seen the difference the training has made already,” said Namita.

Samaritan’s Purse has trained thousands of farmers worldwide about sustainable gardening and farming techniques. And the training is making a difference in more ways than one. In another village in Nepal, one trainee said, “Today, my life as a Christian is full of joy, peace, and purpose. I know God loves me and has forgiven me. Best of all, I know I have eternal life with God.”

Your donations and prayers are needed to continue transforming lives with the seeds of the Gospel and the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Thank you for giving generously and praying fervently today.

Food Projects - 080600 Animals, Agriculture & Livelihoods

More than a billion people worldwide are suffering from chronic malnutrition. Through your gifts, Samaritan’s Purse is providing lasting solutions through hands-on farming training, home garden projects, and practical education about nutrition, as well as desperately-needed food staples for hungry families in emergency situations.