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Role models transform lives for Christ in Egypt

November, 2012—Bullied at school for his small stature, Fady found hope while attending a church’s kids’ club in Egypt. During a lesson about self-worth, he learned that Jesus “loves me as I am, though little and weak.”

This children’s club exists-along with youth ministries, women’s health classes, and more-thanks to your generous donations that enable us to support churches in Egypt, where less than 10 per cent of the country’s population is Christian.

Dozens of Egyptian pastors, leaders, and teachers in these churches are obeying Jesus’ command to “let your light shine before others” (Matt. 5:16). Samaritan’s Purse is partnering with these men and women—and others around the world—to strengthen churches’ impact on their communities.

Role model

Miss Martha is one of these Christian role models who is influencing young souls for Christ. She invited Jessica, 16* to attend one of our church partners’ youth groups in Egypt.

“At that moment, I thought of trying a new thing, a new way to satisfy my needs—why not church?” said Jessica.

Previously, the teenager had been searching to ‘satisfy her needs’ at the folk festivals where her father sells wares.

“During these long days, the only entertainment that I could have was to get into relationships with young men,” she said.

“But once I left one festival and got to another, and thus into a new relationship, I just felt sad, alien and empty on the inside.”

Miss Martha’s invitation to the youth ministry couldn’t have been timelier.

“One lesson was ‘tackling lust’ and I felt God was speaking directly to me,” said Jessica.

Ashamed to share her story with the other girls in the group, Jessica was glad when Miss Martha offered to meet with her privately. After assuring Jessica she wasn’t too sinful for God to love her, Miss Martha witnessed Jessica decide to give her whole life to Jesus.

“I can’t express the joy I felt,” said Jessica.

Since then Miss Martha has followed up several times with Jessica, praying with her and encouraging her to read her Bible, attend church meetings and pray on her own.

Please continue to partner with us in supporting the ‘Miss Marthas’ of the world, who are being used by God to bring the Gospel to children like Jessica and Fady!

*   Name changed for privacy

Church and Pastor Support - 080428 Discipleship, Education & Training

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