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New school shapes lives in Liberia

September, 2012—On the brink of collapse, the school near Karpie and Kimbaloe in Liberia wasn’t fit to lean against, much less to serve as the educational facility for 300 children.

Leaky roofs interrupted classes and crumbling walls didn’t inspire young minds. The rainy season may have seriously damaged these communities’ place of learning, but it didn’t dampen their desire to rebuild.

Construction of a new school was completed last year. Sturdy walls, several desks, and a blackboard in each of the five classrooms create a healthy environment where students can focus on their studies.

Samaritan’s Purse staff in Liberia, Africa, say the people of Karpie and Kimbaloe are overjoyed to have a quality building that will stand the tests of time and the seasons. Their enthusiasm was obvious when hundreds gathered to celebrate the school’s completion at a dedication ceremony.

Though worlds apart, Liberian children are now back to school alongside Canadian students this fall thanks to your generous gifts.

Children aren’t the only learners using the new school though, and neither are the church-goers who gather at the facility until a new church is  built for them, too.

Sixty-five adult students, including the town chief, attend weekly literacy classes there.

“I used to be so embarrassed to not be able to sign my own name,” said Fayiah. “I’m the town chief and am constantly required to sign documents, but now I can sign with pride!”

Kumba, Fayiah’s wife, can now recognize most of the alphabet and write her own name as well. She is ecstatic about their progress over the past several months and said, “My prayer is that one day I will be able to read the Bible myself.”

Our staff in Liberia, Africa repeatedly report that incredible spiritual and physical transformation is happening in Karpie and Kimbaloe. Please continue to support us in bringing help and hope to children and adults alike in communities around the world.

School in Liberia

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