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When help is far away

Across Nepal, thousands of children in isolated communities suffer from life-altering or life-threatening disabilities and diseases. Yet, treatment is often only available in the capital city of Kathmandu, and it’s far beyond their reach.

Hundreds of kilometers of treacherous mountain roads, poverty, and the intimidation of navigating a complicated medical system in an unfamiliar city separate them from this vital care. As a result, many children suffer without help. But this can change; it did for Hari.

Suddenly he struggled to catch his breath

One day, 12-year-old Hari was laughing and running with his friends, enjoying school, and helping his family with chores. But the next, everything changed. Suddenly he struggled to catch his breath. His heart pounded abnormally. Soon, even walking became difficult.

Hari’s parents were terrified. What had happened to their son? Their fear was compounded by helplessness; the small plot of land that they call home in remotest Nepal is far from any hospital. And the local healers couldn’t provide a solution for Hari’s situation.

His parents began emptying their already-impoverished pockets in search of answers. At one medical facility, more than four-hours away, Hari received a diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, and tests indicated his heart was enlarged. He underwent six months of medication, but it didn’t help. Finally, after more searching, Hari and his parents found the answer: heart disease.

God acted powerfully

Hari needed surgery in Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu—his life depended on it. But his parents couldn’t possibly pay for travel expenses and accommodations, let alone navigate the complexities of accessing care at a city hospital. It looked like a dead-end, but God acted powerfully through the donations and prayers of Samaritan’s Purse supporters—people just like you.

With our local partner, you help cover costs and handle the logistics to get children from Nepal’s most isolated communities to the medical care they desperately need. These children suffer from cleft palates, severe burns, and—just like Hari—heart conditions. We not only host families at a facility in Kathmandu—the construction of which Canadians supported—but also help them arrange and attend appointments at the hospital.

“This life-changing God—Jesus.”

Hari’s surgery was successful, and his family’s stay in Kathmandu was not only comfortable but transformational. After experiencing the staff’s genuine love, thorough care, and fervent prayers, Hari began expressing sincere interest in what he called “this life-changing God—Jesus.”

He also shared a now-healthy heart full of gratitude: “I wouldn’t have this life, had I not been with this organization…Thank you!”

Many more children in rural, impoverished Nepal—and other similar places around the world—need help. Through your prayers and financial support, you can help save their lives through medical projects and the love of Jesus Christ.

Children's Medical Care - 080678 Health & Medical Ministries

Invest in the lives of children around the world by providing essential health care. Through access to surgeries and the provision of quality medical services, your gift enables children to experience God’s love in a tangible way.