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Northern Alberta Wildfire 2019

ABOVE: The out-of-control wildfire in Alberta’s northwest, known as the Chuckegg Creek Wildfire, is larger than the entire City of Calgary, according to an update from the Government of Alberta. (Photo: Jason Kenny/Twitter)


As residents of wildfire-ravaged Paddle Praire Metis Settlement returned to the northern Alberta community, they found scenes of destruction.

Sixteen homes on the outskirts of the settlement, about 700 kilometers north of Edmonton, were destroyed in late May by the Chuckegg Creek wildfire.

Financial support from Canadians like you enabled Samaritan’s Purse to respond in Jesus’ Name. At the invitation of the community, we transported equipment and staff to the settlement and to sift through the ashes of burned dwellings in search of heirlooms and anything else that might have survived the flames. Eleven homeowners accepted our offer.

Chaplains from our sister organization, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada, offered spiritual and emotional support. All at no cost to the residents.

You can be part of this Canadian disaster relief work through your donations and prayers. Please join us to offer hope and help to people who have lost so much.

Canadian Relief Projects - 080504 Canadian Disaster Relief

Help Samaritan's Purse respond quickly to victims of disasters within Canada, providing not only physical assistance as people clean up and rebuild after floods, fires, and other disasters, but also emotional and spiritual support in the aftermath of tragedy.