Indonesia Relief - 080665 International Crisis Response

Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami

Update: October 25, 2018

Samaritan’s Purse is responding to help hurting people after an earthquake and ensuing tsunami hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The 7.5-magnitude quake triggered a tsunami with waves up to 20 feet high, as well as mudslides. Almost 2,000 people at least have died. About 5,000 people remain missing and are now presumed dead.

Our partner in Indonesia is helping coordinate our Samaritan’s Purse Canada-supported response to assist about 10,000 people. We are helping establish a mobile medical clinic staffed with local health professionals as well as undertaking emergency food distributions through our partner.

Our partner opened the mobile clinic on Oct. 8 to provide primary care, offer public health services and act as a triage referring urgent cases to local hospitals. The most vulnerable people, including displaced pregnant and nursing mothers and infants are being given priority.

An estimated 2 million people have been affected by these devastating events. There were 129 camps for internally displaced people throughout the affected areas; reports indicated nearly 200,000 people were in urgent need of assistance with families desperate for food and water. More than 67,000 people lost their homes, and thousands were injured.

Due to the extreme emotional trauma many suffered in the disaster, our partner is also working to identify victims who could potentially need additional assistance with gender-based violence issues or with mental health concerns. These people will be receiving follow-up care in the months ahead.

Pray that, during this tragedy, God’s love will be shown in action to families in desperate need.

Indonesia Relief - 080665 International Crisis Response

Your support enables Samaritan's Purse to respond with physical aid and a message of spiritual hope for victims of the earthquakes and Tsunami in Indonesia. Your gift will enable us to share Jesus' love by supporting the sending of personnel and providing items like clean water, food, shelter, medical care & supplies, hygiene kits, and other aid.