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Dear Little Patient: Letter from Canadian nurse in Bangladesh

Dear Little Patient,

I know you wanted to leave last night; you kept putting on your sandals and telling daddy it was time to go. I know you were in a strange place with strange people, but I am glad you stayed. It makes my heart warm that you slept through the night and awoke us with a special song.

Little patient, the world is unfair, but you now know it more than I. People don’t always share and they’re not always kind. Sometimes they even make you leave your home.

But I want you to know something. You are made in the image of the Creator, giving you infinite value. He knows your name. He knows the number of hairs on your head. He knows you’re sick right now and his heart hurts too.

Whatever comes your way, remember you are valuable and loved. Jesus is the best of friends you could have; He never leaves. Take hold of His hand and He will help you do the impossible. Give generously, even when you don’t always receive in return. Love others, especially those who aren’t always kind. And despite the disparities you see in the world, you will always be rich. You’ll be a ray of sunshine, like your beautiful yellow dress. You will love people to the Light. Little by little, hearts will be changed through people like you.

And when night comes…because it always does…you’ll be singing before dawn.


Your Nurse

– Maranatha Weeks


Samaritan’s Purse is currently responding to an outbreak of diphtheria among the 655,000 Rohingya refugees who fled violent conflict in Myanmar. Children like Maranatha’s little patient are especially susceptible to diphtheria, and most have yet to be immunized against this disease.

Relief for Refugees and Displaced People - 080671 International Crisis Response

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