Turning on the tap to safe water

Life, hope, and a future for millions.

Safe water saves lives

Where most of us live it’s easy to assume we’ll wake up with enough water to bathe, to cook, and, most important, to drink. But this is not the case for hundreds of millions of people.

Meet Mercedes and learn how a Samaritan’s Purse BioSand Filter transformed her life.

Many families and communities around the world can’t count on a water supply for next month, or next week, or even tomorrow. Helping to change this reality is a privilege as we bring the life-saving gift of clean water in Jesus’ Name.

Safe water and an answered prayer

Safe, drinkable water is something we Canadians take for granted every day, but for Mercedes, it came at a high cost.

Mercedes de Campos did her best to provide safe water for her family of five children in El Salvador, but they often suffered from illnesses as a result of drinking contaminated water.

The water in their well was unsafe to drink, so Mercedes and her husband bought water in order to survive. But the cost added up, and there were many times when they just didn’t have enough money.

Mercedes needed to find an alternative.

At 67 years old, she would walk a very long distance over treacherous landscape to get to a spring where she could gather water. Along the way, she had to cross over a deep ravine with dangerously steep embankments.

One day while making this journey, Mercedes lost her balance. She tumbled down into the ravine, landing hard and breaking her foot.

As she sat there in the ravine, alone and pain, she was desperate for help. She began to pray earnestly, asking God to please provide clean water in their home.

A few months later, her prayers were answered.

Mercedes was invited to learn about the BioSand Filters provided by Samaritan’s Purse that would purify the water in her well and provide her with safe water at home. With great joy, Mercedes received one of these filters in her home just a few weeks later.

BioSand Filters transform contaminated water into safe, drinkable water in seconds. The filters, designed by retired University of Calgary professor David Manz, have been tested and proven effective by various experts, including the World Health Organization. The filters remove water-borne bacteria and dangerous particles, and they last for decades with little or no maintenance.

Now, Mercedes’ life has been completely transformed, and she no longer has to worry about finding the money to buy water or risking her safety crossing the ravine. She is so grateful that God heard her prayers and provided safe water for her home!