Safe Water Brings Life

Every Drop You Give Matters

Nancy’s Story

Nancy, a teacher in Kenya, was praying for her students. She teaches at a school for children with disabilities, and she was deeply concerned for them.

The students face immense challenges. Before the school was established, many “felt withdrawn; people didn’t understand them… in school, they need that love,” she said.

On top of the students’ daily struggles, they also battled diarrhea, stomachaches, and constant illness caused by dirty water and lack of hygiene resources.

Teachers often transported students to the hospital because they were sick from waterborne diseases, which can be deadly.

Nancy worried about the students’ health and their education because they missed so many days of school. She also prayed.

And God answered through a school-sized BioSand Water Filter and handwashing stations, given by donors like you. “It’s a Godsend,” Nancy rejoiced after our team installed the filter that can provide water for every student and staff member. They also taught the students how to prevent diseases by properly washing their hands.

Handwashing stations have been an extra blessing for students who use their hands to move around because of
their disabilities.

“It’s clean water and clean hands that will prevent diseases,” Nancy said. The students are staying healthy, in school, and having fun. “Before, the water was just little so they [the students] could just have a drop, but now they can enjoy washing their hands with the running water, and this helps them to be clean and healthy. Thank you!”

Whether in a community, school, or home, when you give safe, plentiful water in Jesus’ Name, He brings life to the body and life to the soul. “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

As we look toward a new year, will you help share life-giving water with thousands more students and families in need?