Turning on the tap to safe water for children

Life, hope, and a future for millions.

Kevin’s Story

Kevin, a Grade 5 student at El Madrono school in rural Nicaragua, loves to swing, skip, and laugh with his friends at school.

“We have a very happy school now,” says principal Darwin Moran.

But that hasn’t always been the case.

Students at El Madrono school, like many in the impoverished region, suffered from chronic kidney and stomach diseases because their only water source was a contaminated well. It was common for students to miss days—or even weeks—of school at a time from waterborne illness.

Kevin's health and grades have improved through safe water.

“We even had to take students to the nearby medical clinic,” said Moran. “One time, when we were having [an assembly], one of the children was so sick that he lost control of his bowels. We knew it was because of the water.”

The school’s health struggles began to change when Samaritan’s Purse installed a Samaritan Filter.

This filter is a large-scale version of our BioSand Filter and uses the same natural sand filtration and biological processes that have made BioSand Filters so successful in transforming the health of hundreds of thousands of struggling families.

“Now that we use the filtered water, we don’t have [waterrelated] sickness anymore,” Moran said gratefully.

Kevin has a BioSand Filter at home, and now he can drink the same safe water at school. The result for him and other students is better health and school attendance, and dramatically improved grades.

“We used to get water from a well, and it looked black … it tasted sour. When I drank the water I would feel sick and have pain in my back [from kidney infection],” Kevin recalled.

“I was missing school so often that by the time I would return to class, everyone had moved on to a new topic. Now that I have a filter at home and at school, I’m not getting sick and my grades are getting better too—everything is good.”