Bringing Hope to Ecuador

Thousands of desperate families receive vital help during crisis


When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread around the world, Ecuador quickly became an epicenter in Latin America.

With more than 160,000 confirmed cases and thousands of deaths, Ecuador’s healthcare capacity was quickly overwhelmed. Strict quarantine measures were established to prevent further spread of the virus.

These lockdowns, however, created a crisis situation for many families. They were unable to acquire food and other critical supplies because of lack of income due to job loss, or lack of access because of the lockdowns.


Your generous contributions enabled us to work alongside a local partner with long-term relationships and networks in Ecuador.

Through that partner, we distributed more than 6,000 emergency food packages in Guayaquil and Quito, the two cities where the impacts of COVID-19 were most severe. All distributions followed strict protocols and not a single volunteer or worker contracted the virus during this time.

Each package had a two-week supply of groceries to feed a family of four, plus hygiene education material, Christian literature, and a Bible. Because of your donation, recipient families were able to stay safely at home while having the necessary provisions to survive.

Thank You!

You have been a critical part of providing aid, in Jesus’ name, to the people of Ecuador during a time of intense need. Your support, prayers, and gifts meant you embodied the love of Christ for those most vulnerable during unprecedented times in our history.

“Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor” -Proverbs 22:9, ESV